30 Things to Include in Your Planner (That You Might Not Have Thought Of Yet!)

Planners are great for keeping your schedule and to-do lists handy and organized. But there is so much more you can do with a planner besides this.

Here are some ideas that I have discovered in my neverending search for the perfect planner combination.​

30+ Things to Include in Your Planner

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Daily planner pages are a wonderful place to track all things health-related. If you are the type of person that has a planner in front of you at your desk, or throughout the day, it will be a great place to track your health goals and progress. Here are a few ideas:

Weight Loss Tracker Planner
  • Weight Loss Tracker
  • Exercise Tracker 
  • Tracking Steps
  • Food Diary
  • Daily Water Intake
  • Body Measurements
  • Headache/Symptom Tracker
  • Period/Fertility Tracker
  • Medicine Tracker


Pay Off Debt Tracker

We all know tracking our finances is the best way to make sure our money is going where it is supposed to. How about using your planner for a some of these:

  • Build Your Savings Tracker
  • Pay Off Debt Tracker
  • Track Due Dates for Bills


Some people choose to keep a totally separate "household binder," but I find it makes sense to keep some things in my regular planner. Here are some ideas:

  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
  • Baby Eat/Sleep Tracker
  • Gifts/Wish List Ideas
  • Packing List
  • Weekly/Monthly/Seasonally/Yearly Cleaning and Maintenance Lists
  • Konmari Organization Tracker


You can't get much more personal than a planner, am I right? This is probably my favorite section of ideas to keep. I love using my planner for many of these:

Daily Habit Tracker
  • Daily Habit Tracker
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Gratitude Log
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Bucket List Items
  • Journal/Reflection
  • Favorite Scriptures/Book Exerpts


For those who work from home or are self-employed, you may consider having a section for business and/or techy things, like:

Blog Stats Tracker
  • Project Mind Mapping
  • Logins & Passwords
  • Tracking Blog Stats
  • Social Media Followers
  • Business Income/Expenses
  • Mileage Log

Fun & Recreation

I never thought to track things like TV episodes I was watching, until I joined the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. Since then, I've seen so many great ideas for things like:

  • TV Show Episodes Tracker
  • Books to Read
  • Movies to Watch
  • Places to Visit
  • Penmanship Practice


For those taking classes, why not track your school info in your daily planner as well? Here are two things I could think of (there are probably a lot more, but I haven't taken classes in quite some time) 🙂

  • Class Schedule
  • Grade Tracker

What unique things do you track or write in your planner? Share some ideas with us in the comments!

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