Journey to a Level 10 Life – My Game Plan

What is a Level 10 Life? - I think Hal Elrod describes it best in The Miracle Morning and the TMM 30-Day Life Transformation Challenge:

If we're measuring our levels of success/satisfaction in any area of our lives, we all want to be living our best lives at a "Level 10" in each area.

Hal Elrod, Author - The Miracle Morning

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He goes on to explain that in order to create your "Level 10 Life" you must first assess where you are in each area, and then determine ways that you can work on improving each. Here is the "Wheel of Life Assessment" Hal talks about using:

Wheel of Life Assessment | Sarcasm & Sweet Tea

It was shortly after reading The Miracle Morning that I decided​ to start this blog. Although this blog is focused mostly on organization and planning, goal-setting is still a big part of it. What better way to kick off a new "Level 10 Life" then by setting amazing goals, right?

Don't get me wrong... my life is pretty amazing! A good portion of this journey I'm on is actually focused on me taking time to recognize and appreciate how amazing it is.

So here we go! This may just be the beginning, and I'm sure my ideas and focus in each category will change over time, but as it stands now, these are the things I would like to work on improving:

Physical Environment

This is probably one of the easiest categories for me, because I naturally like to spend my time cleaning, organizing, and Pinterest-scrolling for inspiration to make my home lovely and bright.

Basically, I would like to continue to strive for a home environment that is clean, calm, organized, and beautiful. Since I work from home as well, having a similar area that is designated for work would be nice, too. I am going to do projects that improve these spaces by decorating and organizing them, paying particular attention to the areas in my house that give me stress or complicate things more than they need to be.​


My biggest goal in this category is just to be more present and attentive with my children. I'll be the first to admit I get caught staring at my cell phone way too much. I use it for most of the reading I do (ahh... I love the Kindle app!) and social media engagement, so it is attached to me at all times. I want to make an effort to put it down more.

In addition, I would like to make an effort to give my children special experiences and do special activities with them. I would also like to do small gestures for my other family members and close friends to let them know how much I love and appreciate them. (Does anyone still snail-mail birthday cards??)


My husband's kind of a stud 🙂 I just don't tell HIM that as much as I should 🙁

I definitely take out most of my frustration and stress on him and my biggest goal here is to stop doing that. He is an amazing guy who works his ass off to take care of us, and I want him to know how much I appreciate him.

My goals specifically are to make more time for him and I by having regular (and unique!) date nights. Also, coming up with creative ways to show him love. I would like to start making plans for special events (like a second honeymoon? and maybe some kickass anniversary ideas).

Personal Growth & Development

This is another area that is actually really easy for me. I switched from music to podcasts and fiction to non-fiction books years ago (for the most part). I am ALWAYS reading some kind of personal development book, but my goals here are to talk about them and implement them much more. I would also like to set goals for attending events like seminars and conferences, which I have not done.

Health & Fitness

I have done SOOOO much research in the past few years on the "best" nutrition for optimal health and happiness. There is so much information out there that it can definitely be confusing and overwhelming. I've found some things that work pretty well for me (like the 21 Day Fix!), and a lot that don't. I am on a continuous journey to find the right "balance" of enjoying life and reaching my ideal weight and level of wellness.

My goals here are to keep trying different things, testing them out to see how they make me feel, and tweaking as I go. I want to make a greater effort to get regular exercise, get enough quality sleep, drink plenty of water, and just be more active in general (set and track goals for # of steps in a day). I would like to try out some new fun fitness classes and activities, and set some performance goals for myself (I could do a handstand when I was, like, 6. I wanna do that again!).

Fun & Recreation

Believe it or not, this will be one of the more difficult categories for me. I am always so focused on reading, writing, working, being a mom and a wife, etc, that I really don't focus on my own fun and hobbies. I have a whole "bucket list" of things I would love to accomplish or learn how to do, but I really don't allocate any time to do them. My goal is to make a regular effort to do things for myself.

Here are some of my bucket list things that I would love to spend time learning about: Archery, calligraphy/hand-lettering, playing the banjo, playing the piano, basic photography skills, basic bartending skills, and speaking conversational Spanish (again! I took 4 years of it in high school... you'd think I'd remember something...).

Career & Business

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have started so many different "businesses," many of them online. The problem is that I have always researched a new idea "to make money" and never really took the time to figure out what I actually want to DO with my life. How I want to spend my time. Because of this, I quickly gave up most of those "businesses" because I was bored or otherwise unhappy.

This is where this blog comes in. Do I want it to become an income-producing business? Of course. Nobody wants to spend 40 hours a week NOT making money. But that isn't my focus up front. I love to write (when it's about things that actually interest me!) so blogging is great. Here I can write about whatever I want and I'll figure out how to make money from it later. For the first time ever, I am focusing on my passions and interests first, and money second.

Goals for this category eventually include possibly writing a book, or developing an e-course of some sort. I would like to work on "branding" myself as well, being authentically me.


This category is split into two: Personal and business finances. As far as personal finances go, I would like to implement some Dave Ramsey-style methods for building our savings and paying off our debt. I have always had a basic plan for our household budget, but haven't done a great job creating it in detail or tracking it every month, so I'd like to start those.

For my business finances, I would like to start right from the get-go setting monthly goals and tracking them. I am going to incorporate monthly income reports, like a lot of my favorite bloggers do. Eventually my goal is to make a decent income blogging, and I think it is important for people starting out to be able to see what kind of time and effort it takes for normal people to get to where some of those "rock star" bloggers are. 🙂

Contribution & Giving and Spirituality

I have chosen, after much thought and consideration, not to discuss my goals for the categories of "Spirituality" or "Contribution/Giving."

​While I do plan on discussing some sensitive topics here, such as personal finances, I just don't love the idea of discussing my personal thoughts on these two particular topics. I will be working just as hard on improving these areas of my life as I am for the rest, but have decided to keep that information private.


Okay, so that is a little intimidating, and ambitious. But I think it's good. You can't expect change in your life unless you make some serious changes to yourself first, right? 

What changes are you going to make in the new year that will help you live a "Level 10" life? Let us know in the comments!