Planner Size Comparison – The Ultimate Guide to Planner Binders

For what seems like forever, I've been on a mission to figure out everything I can about the different planners/agendas that are available. There seems to be information, measurements/dimensions, and opinions scattered near and far... but there's not a lot of information gathered in one place.

My hope if for this blog to become that place.

So I'll start here. Here is a breakdown of all the information I could find regarding the different "Filofax-type" binders out there and how the insert size and ring spacing for each compare.

Planner Size Comparison

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Binder-Style Planner Size Breakdown:

A4 / Letter - There are not a lot of companies that offer an A4 or US letter size planner/agenda. Those that do, typically fall into 1 of 2 categories: The 4-hole and the 7-hole. Filofax A4 and Gillio A4 both use a 4-ring mechanism, while Fanklin Covey and Daytimer use the 7-hole arrangement.

A5 / Half Letter - ​MANY planner companies offer an A5 size agenda, and for the most part they are all pretty well interchangeable. The inserts are generally around 5.5" to 6" wide, and 8.25" to 8.5" high. Most use a 6-hole configuration, with 3/4" between the rings and 2.75" between rings 3 and 4.

Mulberry is an exception to this rule. It's "Planner" is similar in size, though a tad wider and shorter, but the spacing between the rings is also slightly different and will not fit inserts from Filofax or other similar brands.

Again, Daytimer and Franklin Covey use a 7-hole configuration, rather than the 6-hole, so while the size is similar, the holes do not line up to most other brands.

Personal - ​Personal agendas are typically 3.7" wide and 6.7" high, give or take. The 6-ring configuration for most of these still has a 3/4" spacing between the rings, with only 2" between ring 3 and 4 (slight smaller than the A5).

The brands listed above still compare, with most fitting the standard Filofax inserts. The exception, again, is Mulberry, Franklin Covey, and Daytimer.​

Pocket - ​Pocket inserts tend to be around 3" wide by 5" high. The 6-ring configuration, for the most part, has all rings spaced approximately 3/4" from each other. Like before, the Mulberry and Franklin Covey sizes and ring spacing are different.

Here is a chart of the information I gathered, which I hope is helpful when comparing planner insert sizes and ring spacing!​ (Click on picture to open up PDF printable version!)

Ringed Planner Size Comparison

Most of the information gathered here was taken from each brand's individual website. In some cases, the information was not made available, and I had to rely on forum comments, other blog posts, or Youtube videos. Please let me know if you disagree with any of the information here. I want to try to make this as complete a resource as possible!