My Three Favorite Bullet Journal Layouts (This Month)

I've been a Bullet Journal Junkie for about two months now, and I must say it really has changed my life! I know that sounds silly, but it's true. I don't think I've EVER stuck to the same planner system for more than a couple of weeks, at most, in the past. This system is so customizable and you can easily tweak things as you go.

I am continuously scouring the web looking for bullet journal inspiration (mostly on Pinterest, but quite a bit on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and wherever else I can find pretty pictures).​

If you are interested in seeing my initial setup, take a look at my post from earlier this month: Bullet Journal Layout - How I Bullet Journal Using an Arc Notebook. Now I have changed a few things here and there, but for the most part, I'm still using this base configuration. However, I'd like to dig a little deeper today into my favorite, and most used bullet journal layout pages (at least for right now!).

My Three Favorite Bullet Journal Layouts (This Month)

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Monthly View & Habit Tracker

To start each month off right, I build my monthly view page. This is where I put important dates throughout the month that I need to remember. As a family, we use Google Calendar that syncs between all our phones for every little appointment or important date, but I just put the ones that are really important for ME in here. I refer to it every day, so it's a great place for those.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout and Habit Tracker

I also made a rough "schedule" for myself on my normal work days, along the left-hand side. I work from home, so having a ​schedule to follow keeps me accountable and focused.

Bullet Journal Daily Schedule and Habit Tracker

On the bottom, I have the daily habits that I want to do and track. These are things like doing my Miracle Morning routine or publishing a blog post.

Bullet Journal Monthly View and Habit Tracker

So even though this is only one layout, there are three separate and very important parts of my day here. I tend to flip back and forth between this set and my daily pages while I'm at my desk, or just going through my day.

The inspiration for this monthly setup came from this Instagram post here.​

Daily Page / Top To-Do's

Bullet Journal Daily Page and Top To-Dos

This is where I put my top "To-Do's" for each day. I actually keep my "master to-do" lists in Asana (one for personal and one for business). Every morning, I look at my Asana lists and decide what 3-5 things I'm going to commit to completing that day, or what are my most important tasks to get done. Those go here.

Side note: I got the idea of drawing one straight column of check-boxes ​from a Tumblr post I saw here.

Book List

Bullet Journal Book Tracker

The last of my most favorite bullet journal layout pages is this "Books To Read" list. I am CONSTANTLY looking for new books to add to the list and trying to track them down, either at my local library, on Kindle, in Goodwill, or somewhere else. I love reading, specifically personal development books and it seems crazy, but I love looking at this list! 

I mark books that I've completed with a fully colored in box, and books I've started but not completed with a half-colored in box.​

Side note #1: This Facebook post was the inspiration for this page.​

Side note #2: I redid this list last week because I had read through so many of the last list and it started to get too long! 🙂

So that's it! These are my three favorite bullet journal layouts right now. I hope you found some inspiration for you own bullet journal or other planner.​

What do your favorite or most-used planner pages look like? Let me know in the comments!